A Glimpse of Tao

A little book of inspirational poetry and original photographs providing insights into the everyday wisdom of the Tao.

A Glimpse of Tao e-book now available on iBooks.

A Glimpse of Tao, poetry by Tyswan Slater, photographs by David Brazil

There are no answers,

there is only the tao

that floats on the breeze

that moves, changes, and evolves

from one moment to the next.

Our true nature is not the waves on the surface nor the silent depths but the ocean in its entirety.
Material Wealth. If we can hold it in our hand, what value does it have? If we fear it can be lost or stolen who does it belong to? If we accumulate and acquire where in Heaven can we store these things? If we are the measure of the things we own, then we are very poor indeed.

Poetry by Tyswan Slater and original photographs by David Brazil.


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